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Emotional Insights Coaching

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Feelings to Thought to Action

Few people are taught how to know what they really feel and many learn to ignore their feelings. Ask yourself the question 'how do you feel right now?' You may be surprised to find you're uncertain in some areas and need to dig very deep to find the right vocabulary.​


Coaching is far more powerful when we first understand how we feel, as emotions are our drivers; feelings impact every choice we make. Bridging the gap between 'head and heart' can make a huge difference in your choice of goals. This approach, combined with targets, tools and accountability, will increase the likelihood of you achieving them.

Emotional Insights Coaching can address:

  • mindset and approach to challenges

  • emotional aspects and approach to health issues

  • improving confidence and esteem

  • overcoming imposter syndrome

  • managing your career and promotion

  • leadership challenges

  • your approach to finances

  • issues in relationships; and

  • productivity.

I work to guide my clients on a highly bespoke basis, using a variety of skill-sets, developed from my training and experience. With a clear plan and strong support, you can intentionally create a future for yourself that you actually want. 


Sessions Pricing & Information

Initial 15 minute confidential telephone consultation for all new client enquiries to understand how I can help you.

You should feel a benefit from your first session.

  • Individual in person/Online session (50 mins each): £125

  • Group booking of 3 or 6 in person sessions: £360 / £720

  • The Ultimate Wellbeing Sessions Package - 3x3 alternating in person sessions of Bach, Emotional Insights Coaching and Reiki (Total 9 sessions of 50 mins each): £850


For more information, please get in touch now by clicking on the link below.


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