Business Insight Coaching



Sometimes your business might not be performing as expected, for one reason or other.
 There’s absolutely no place for disconnection in business. I’ve been there and it’s not pretty.

Perhaps you can’t find the time to get perspective on your business or you want to plan with someone independent, who has the necessary experience and understanding, from start-up through to exit. You might also have key staff who could benefit from being coached.

I have c. twenty years experience as a former senior corporate lawyer, entrepreneur and investor, working strategically and outcome focused with many different types of organisations, in particular small & medium-sized enterprises (annual turnover £0<£50m). I provide strictly confidential coaching and insightful guidance, to your business. I offer time-flexible sessions to suit your requirements for each situation that arises.

Business coaching can address issues such as:

* Start-up planning, structuring and development

* Later stage business development

* Investment decisions and shareholder relations

* Exit planning

* Business mindset

* Decision-making

* Lack of business clarity and perspective

* Managing colleagues and conflict resolution

* Time management issues 

* Overwhelm, loneliness, tiredness, frustrations and fears

It's essential to understand what really matters in your business and know how to develop stronger communication and connection with your clients, key personnel and shareholders, so that the heart of your business beats strong. 

Quick-fire or In Depth Sessions by Zoom or in Person.

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