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Why work with me?


I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and I've run my own businesses. I’ve been down the path you are on (and advised many clients in your shoes too).

I was a corporate lawyer and partner in the City of London for c.20 years, advising CEOs of start-ups, through to working with teams in listed $MM organisations and exits. I've always enjoyed helping entrepreneurs build their businesses and implement practical solutions.


I'm also a highly qualified complementary practitioner, in energy and emotions based modalities. With a personal background as well as many years training and experience in personal development, intuition, energy, consciousness and transformation, I've seen how valuable these skills are when working with my clients.

Helping my clients understand who they are and how brilliant they can be, in their true, full capability, has always been instinctive to me.

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I’ve been highly empathic, perceptive and intuitive since childhood – it’s my superpower.


I use all these skills and experience, in my practice as a LCH Dip Level 7 qualified Life, Business and Emotional Intelligence Coach. I can see the sheer brilliance in you or in your business that you may not see for yourself.


I live in the UK countryside with one husband, two daughters, two goldfish, one shrimp (don't ask), one impressive music sound system (priorities) and a cat who thinks he’s a dog.


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