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I practiced as a corporate lawyer and partner in the City of London for c.20 years, advising CEOs of start-ups, through to senior boards in listed $MM organisations. I wanted to encourage communication between businesses, shareholders and clients; draft commercial contracts that engaged businesses; sought to find the win-win in negotiations for all parties and handle mediations that resolved conflict, whilst aiming to re-engage parties at the table whenever possible.


I’ve also practiced as a qualified complementary practitioner for many years, in energy and emotions-based modalities. With training and experience in personal development, intuition, energy, consciousness and transformation, I know how valuable these skills are when working with my clients. They matter deeply and are fundamental to how I work now.

I live in the UK countryside with one husband, two daughters, two goldfish and a cat who thinks he’s a dog.

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Why work with me?


I work as a specialist Communication and Emotional Intelligence Coach and Consultant. I guide individuals and with business clients on their connection and communication to their World around them. I use different approaches and styles depending on the bespoke needs of my client.


I've been working with and immersed in the world of communication and connection for most of my life,  recognising its importance from an early age.


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