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Entrepreneur Insight Coaching

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Engage with your Business

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal,not to people or     things." Albert Einstein

  • Are you a seasoned entrepreneur with established businesses?

  • Are you creating a new offering from your home office?

  • Are you struggling to strategise, prioritise and implement what you want to do?

I coach entrepreneurs to build and grow their business(es) efficiently, with a grounded, intuitive approach. Working pragmatically and outcome-driven, we focus on implementing a clear, directed strategy.


Recognising clearly what's going on for you enables you to communicate clearly in the workplace. These skills are invaluable across all aspects of the working environment.

Issues can be addressed such as:

  • Start-up planning, structuring and development

  • Later stage business development

  • Investment decisions and shareholder relations

  • Exit planning

  • Business mindset

  • Decision-making

  • Gaining business clarity and perspective

  • Understanding and managing colleagues and conflict resolution

  • Time management issues

  • Overcoming overwhelm, loneliness, tiredness, frustrations and fears

With c. twenty years experience as a former senior corporate lawyer, entrepreneur and investor, I provide strictly confidential coaching and insightful guidance, to your business.


I work to guide my clients on a highly bespoke basis, using a variety of skill-sets, developed from my training and experience, which combine to substantially accelerate the coaching process.

It's essential to understand what really matters to you in your business, so that the heart of your business beats strong.

I offer time-flexible sessions to suit your requirements for each situation that arises.

Quick-fire (single issue) or In Depth Sessions by Zoom or in Person.

Power Hour Walk Sessions also available for in Person.

For more information, please get in touch by clicking on the link below.

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