Individuals Coaching Sessions

by Zoom or in Person - 55 minutes.

We all need to feel connected to others - it’s inbuilt and natural. It’s a force that  drives the survival of the human race. We each need to connect to those around us and to make our contribution to society.


Connection with ourselves is just as important. I provide coaching to enable my clients to clarify their emotions and determine their values, dreams and goals. Emotions are our signposts about what's going well for us and what we want to change or improve. 

Coaching addresses challenges, health issues, self-value, confidence, career, finances, relationships and productivity. My coaching clients may have 'light-bulb moments' that give them significant understanding. Clients are then guided and challenged with accountability, so that they may intentionally create a future for themselves that they want to achieve.

Life throws many surprises at us and whilst we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond. In sessions you may be guided to explore your power of choice and to find acceptance within yourself.

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