Individual & Executive Insight Coaching

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


I know what it’s like to feel disconnection from time to time. Not recognising how we feel about something can take us quickly down a wrong path.  Having understood this at an early age, I learned that most people feel disconnected at some stage. We aren’t taught HOW to feel. Yet we are often taught (wrongly) what others think we should feel.


Insight coaching gives you clarity, so that you can determine your values, dreams and goals, with deeper, insightful dives.


Coaching is far more powerful when we first understand how we feel.  Feelings are your drivers and they impact choices you make, in your career, your relationships or in your life in some other way.


You might be struggling to or avoiding knowing how you feel. You may think your emotions aren't as valid as somebody else's.  As a parent, perhaps you question yours or your child's reactions. You might leave your workplace each day and feel relief that you can ‘go back to being you’?

Understanding and managing your emotions well are skills that can be developed. We will work using many different tools, to enable you to make powerful choices and take action, with or without accountability, depending on how you work best.

Insight coaching can address:

  • improving self-value & self-esteem

  • mindset and approach to challenges

  • emotional aspects and approach to health issues

  • improving confidence

  • management of your career and promotion

  • leadership challenges

  • your approach to finances

  • issues in relationships

  • using intuition

  • aspects of spiritual coaching; and

  • your productivity.


With a clear plan and strong support, you can intentionally create a future for yourself that you actually want. 

Quick-fire or In Depth Sessions by Zoom or in Person.

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