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Executive Coaching

You have a career path to follow and it seems to be going in the right direction. Yet you have bigger dreams and are feeling somewhat unfulfilled. You may not feel recognised, given the work and time you have invested in your career to date. You may feel that the position you are in simply doesn't justify your level and expertise.

You are ready to take the next step up and are not sure how to do so. You may be aiming for the top position and need to set down your strategy to achieve this. You may want to ask for a promotion and need to plan how to do so. Equally you may have no clear plan and need to set proper goals. Perhaps you are desperate to leave the rat-race and set up on your own, yet you aren't sure whether to do that nor do you know where to start.

When time is precious and you are juggling a million demands, from work and personal matters to family and friends, executive coaching can cut through the drama to the core issues you want to address. Taking supported, focused time out to really think, to get deeper insight, plan and then implement that plan, can be one of the most empowering and rewarding investments in yourself that you ever make.  With the perspective of time, you may come to realise just how far you have gone, and on an exponential basis.  Please email Lucy to arrange your Insight Call now by clicking on the link below.