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🙌 Learn to use ESP to improve your USP 🤔 What are you missing in the room?


Enhance your awareness, sentience, empathy and connection inwards with yourself and outwards with others. Up to 93 percent of all communication is non-verbal. So if you’re not trained in non-verbal communication skills, then it could be said you haven’t trained to connect properly with others….


Are you: 


  • a conscious leader who wants to know what’s going on around them


  • a high achiever who wants to increase their impact 


  • an educator/parent who wants to help children feel more seen & heard


  • ambitious about improving your networking & sales


  • curious about ‘the energy in the room’ – from who’s at the party, to what we attract


  • keen to help improve communication between people 


  • interested in improving your communication skills?


Most of us think we can communicate. You can answer questions, hold your own, have intelligent points to make and leave most meetings with a strategy.


Except is that strategy always right? Has everyone in the room spoken, who actually had some useful points to make? When you thought the deal was done, did the mood change? Did the face at the end of the table flicker, suggesting more work was needed to close the deal? Are you missing key information in the room?


Increasing your sensitivity and awareness, especially in communication, can bring huge benefits, such as:


  • feeling seen & heard


  • lowered stress levels & improving mental health


  • increased connection & engagement with others, enabling everyone to contribute


  • enabling conscious leaders to understand the needs of others around them


  • increased sales, and


  • humanising your office environment, helping to attract & retain strong talent.


In meetings useful information may not be spotted by the person who needs to be in the know. I’ve seen commercial negotiations unravel, as one party’s points weren’t recognised from the outset, with time and money needing to be spent picking up the pieces. Children become crestfallen if they are ignored or not properly understood. We’ve all seen adult communication fall apart through a lack of empathy and sensitivity. 


Conversely, I’ve also witnessed situations that many would never have thought would come ‘back to the table’ and yet they have done, due to emotionally intelligent, sensitive conversations having taken place. 


Being sensitive is as much a strength as it is to be confident or highly organised. It brings huge value, can be learned and can be increased. Changing the narrative around this skillset is extremely overdue. 


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💡 Brilliant for introverts who want enhanced skills and for extraverts who may be missing clues!


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