Energy Therapies


We know scientifically that we generate and transmit energy; we can conduct electricity, emit light and broadcast our emotions. Energy is the basis of life itself. It stands to reason the more abundant the energy is in your body, the better you will feel.

Energy therapies are used to seek to clear any blocks that are preventing you from operating at optimum levels and to raise your energy. I work with clients in a bespoke manner, using a combination of coaching and energy therapies. Coaching will enable you to work out how you feel and and give you time to implement a plan, with accountability and guidance. This will provide support, whilst you continue to follow your doctor's medical advice.

Understanding our emotions may be at the root of preventing, assisting and resolving physical health issues. You may be experiencing a health issue and you may be undergoing treatment. You still have a life to lead, together with it's joys and stresses and don't want to be defined by any condition.

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