E I Coaching: 1 to 1s

Were you taught how to feel and if so, what to do next?


Emotions - sometimes felt and other times they catch you out. They can be hard to decipher and are confusing with ‘layers’. You may be masterful, Bond 007-level, at ignoring them, which can seem easier altogether. Yet they tap on your gut again and again, like a young child who wants a snack.


How you feel is your signpost to what's going well and what needs to improve. You may need to:

  • learn what makes you happy and how to self-prioritise;

  • deal with relationship issues;

  • improve your self-worth or confidence;

  • decide what to do with your life;

  • start a new business, return to work or change career;

  • understand your role and increase your skills as a parent; and

  • develop your gut instincts and natural intuition.

The problem with ignoring them is that you may never truly find out who you really are, nor how you feel about what’s going on around you. Avoidance techniques can be very damaging, especially when out of control. Our brilliant bodies continually tell us what they need to function well, in our relationships, careers and health, whether or not we are paying attention. When your energy moves out of balance, you feel discomfort - the body’s red flag. 


I feel your pain, 007. I can coach you to:


  • decipher your emotions, understand who you are and how you respond to situations;

  • manage your emotions properly, so that you make choices that work for you;

  • use your emotions to understand, set and achieve your purpose and goals; and

  • lead, manage and inspire emotions in others around you.


From there, you can establish what really matters to you and understand more about what you want to do with your life. Bringing the body carefully back into balance is key and may differ for each individual. I’m keen to get to the root cause of how you feel, to help you find solutions. I will also offer you tools to support yourself on an ongoing basis.


I offer highly professional, empathic and strictly confidential support as you achieve your objectives, addressing your self-worth, confidence, career, finances, health, relationships, productivity and other challenges you may be facing, along the way. I also teach about connection, consciousness, Universal Laws, vibrational energy and life purpose. 

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Lucy x


E I Coaching: Business

Life skills not soft

Take a step back for a moment and ask yourself - why did you set up in business? Do you remember the first time you felt excited as you thought about what it could do for the World, whether large or small? How did you feel next as you thought about what you needed to do to make it a reality? Nervous, overwhelmed or imposter syndrome on overdrive?


Right now, you may be working on a project. You may be absorbed, bored or stressed by it as well as experiencing other feelings, yet it’s likely your focus is on completing the task. You are less likely to be thinking about your feelings at the same time, let alone know how to handle them, whilst getting the work done.


These feelings and many more play out for people in business every single minute of every single day. Businesses are created and operated by people and emotions drive our thoughts and behavior. Whether you are a stand-alone entrepreneur or a corporate with 1000+ staff, emotional issues with colleagues can obscure or stall your business, so that it’s no longer performing as expected. It can impact every part of your business including business strategy, management, leadership, succession, negotiations with customers/suppliers and many other aspects besides. 


Performance hinges on the levels of emotional intelligence playing out between people, for example when complaints increase or decrease. Less obvious is the impact it can have on business efficiency, problem-solving and adaptability, all of which are key to the success of a business.


I help people in the workplace to bring emotions, empathy and better communication with others to the table. By normalising emotions and humanising businesses, you will work towards:


  • improving your workplace environment

  • developing intercommunication

  • increasing sales

  • improving strategy

  • enhancing business efficiency

  • engaging your workforce properly


all of which improve performance.


I engage with CEOs and entrepreneurs of business that seek better communication and connection with their staff, customers and community around them. I work one to one, or with small groups, coaching and teaching about emotions, connection and life/business purpose, amongst other aspects.


Using intellect, empathy and intuition, I provide confidential, professional and practical guidance. Using intuition may cut to the core of an issue in a way that intellect sometimes can’t do.  I also offer resources and information, as well as access to my network of highly recommended, trusted professionals, when needed.

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Lucy x