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Business Coaching

Business Coaching will focus your attention on what actually matters and cut through all that is unnecessary. It will allow you to go straight to the heart of the issues that the business really needs to address.


You may be creating new products or services, hiring or firing staff, building teams, changing business direction, undergoing management or board level changes, raising finance or seeking an exit, such as a merger, aquisition, sale or market IPO.


Perhaps you have a nagging thought that the business could be stronger. You wonder if you are busy being busy or if you are working efficiently. You may have a pile of business books that you want to read but everything else seems to take priority. 

Someone isn't working as intended and something else has become a huge challenge. You want to 'Up The Game'.

So where do you find the time to work out what to focus on, let alone give it due thought and then put it into action?

In sessions, we will explore why you do what you do. With her significant experience and background, Lucy understands the issues your business faces. She provides a great sounding board, as she challenges you to take efficient time out, think it through, plan and then take appropriate action. Please email Lucy to arrange an Insight Call now by clicking on the link below.