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You know how to think.

Do you know

how to feel?

Hi I'm Lucy. When I was younger I was taught how to think for myself but never specifically taught how to feel. Yet our feelings are as integral to us as our thoughts. We are asked by others on a daily basis 'How are you' and we likely give a stock response 'fine' or similar, before asking the question in return. Asked 'what we think' and we wouldn't dream of giving a half-baked answer, less we suggest a lack of intelligence. 

So what's gone wrong? Why and since when have feelings become so under-rated? In fact the only time many will really experience talking about their feelings, is during a trip to the psychologist and that can be after many sessions of trying to figure out what the emotions even are! Of course many will bury deep-rooted painful emotions and I am not in the business of addressing what clearly requires professional psychological medical help and support. What I am seeking to do is help people bring their emtions to the forefront, to acknowledge them and show them the due respect that they deseerve, so that they may know who they are on a depper truer level and be guided by theri feelingsa s well as their thoughts. In this way, their truest desires ay be realised and in so doing, they can build a life they truly want and love.

Most of us were never taught how to feel our emotions. We typically know when we are especially happy, angry, or sad yet often that is the extent to which most of us are able to go on a day to day level.  Being able to access and identify your feeling, recognise and accept them is hugely important  for the following reasons:

  • how we feel about something provides us with dynamic information about our lives, what we do and don't want and how it's all going;

  • feelings impact our relationships, career, finances and of course our health;

  • feelings guide our thinking;

  • our thinking guides our feelings;

  • our bodies react physically in many ways to our feelings, so it's important to understand what those feelings are;

  • blocked feelings may cause blocks in the body (and no-one wants those);

So many of us ignore our feelings on a day to day basis. We are too busy, we think we can just ignore them and get on with life, they don't really matter. I hear this from ctime and time again.  'Bring our feelings under control' and 'I'm not a feelings person' are common phrases especially for 'A' types for whom having any feelings has been placed in a box with a lid firmly closed, belted, braced and padlocked (Pandora's Box anyone?), for women who have decided not to have nor to show feelings in a Man's World or for those who were taught in childhood that talking about or showing feelings, especially negative feelings , was a bad thing to do. When told to 'stop crying' children are taught to turn off the tap that naturally allows them to release negative feelings that might otherwise store and lodge in the physical body. 

We are all beings with energy layers. This has been proven by [xyz.] Each layer is as important as the next. These layers are called the AURA. It's our most important possession yet most of us don't know it evens exists. Many might have come across it in yoga related or spiritual environments and dismissed it as unimportant in the overall scheme of things. Our AURA is us. It's made up of many layers and each relay and impact on the next.

I enable people to connect with their feelings, understand why they are critical

and learn how to master them.

I help organisations to understand what seriously matters to them and how to emotionally connect with their clients/key personnel and shareholders, so that the heart of their business beats strong.


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