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Emotional Wellbeing
We are much more than just a physical body


Hi I'm Lucy. Welcome to my website. I specialise in emotional wellbeing, an area I've been fascinated with for many years. I love helping adults and children to address and handle emotional challenges with their health (acute and chronic), relationships, families and their careers etc.

I offer complementary therapies plus coaching for individuals, providing support, guidance, remedies/treatments (where applicable) and tools, so that they can take proactive steps for themselves and those around them. I've personally benefited from and have seen wonderful results for others from these methods, which seek to place clients back in balance and in control of their own lives. More info...

Building on many years experience as a senior corporate solicitor, I also offer strategic coaching for businesses, working with entrepreneurs, CEOs and boards of directors, as well as bespoke webinars on emotional well-being in the workplace. I am well positioned to assist with emotional aspects that arise in organisations that may be rarely addressed and dealt with. 


BA (Hons), L.C.H. Dip.

Lucy specialises as a qualified emotional intelligence coach and complementary practitioner, following her career as a senior corporate and commercial solicitor for many years. Read more...


Complementary Therapies for
Emotional Wellbeing

Complementary Therapies may be used to support your health and  to increase your energy. More.. 

Emotional Insights Coaching

Coaching is far more powerful when we first understand how we feel, as emotions are our drivers.


Strategic Insights for Business

I coach start-ups entrepreneurs, CEOs and boards to build and grow their business(es) efficiently, More..

The How


"Lucy is a great listener and she always seems to ask just the right question to enable me to explore my options and make effective progress. She is warm and approachable, with an infectious energy that kept me motivated and encouraged during our sessions together.  Working with Lucy has given me greater clarity about what’s important in my life. I am more proactive and feel extremely supported knowing I have Lucy on my side."


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