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Are you following your plan?

What's your plan?

Are you following it? Is it working?

Without a plan how will you get to where you want to go?

Do you:

  • want your career/business to be based upon your values and principles, and do you know what they really are?

  • value working responsibly, honestly and with integrity, congruently with your principles?

  • wonder if there's more to life and feel unfulfilled by your career/business, and are used to operating highly successfully?

  • consider your career/business has gone off track and/or your passion for it may have dwindled?

  • seem to have to focus on tasks that take you away from what you are skilled at and driven to do?

  • want to implement a new direction for you or for your business?

  • know that your health isn't on track and you may be experiencing chronic or repeat acute conditions that won't resolve? 

Listening   Supporting   Challenging   Insights   Accountability

Lucy works with astute clients who want to implement smart, fast, well-thought-out plans, for their business, life and health, from their own insights and with accountability.

She specialises in coaching thought-leading, open-minded and perceptive businesses, professionals, senior executives and high level entrepreneurs, and in chronic health coaching for individuals.

Working quickly and effectively, Lucy provides the sounding board that allows them to access deeper insights.


This enables them to establish the values and principles that feel right, that deeply reflect who they are and to create plans that get them jumping out of bed each day.


These insights are the strong foundations that are critical to achieving their goals, as they continue to make an impact on the World.

At the end of the day, will you look back in joy that you achieved your life's ambitions?

Business Coaching

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Executive Coaching


What's the Big Dream?

Are You Living it Yet?

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Health Coaching


Sick & Tired?

Want to Focus on Being Well?


About Lucy

Lucy Paltnoi is the trading name of Connecting Insight Limited, a coaching practice run by Lucy Paltnoi (L.C.H. Dip., MGSW, MBRCP (Energy Medical Dowsing). Lucy is a qualified and experienced business coach, following a career as a senior corporate and commercial solicitor for many years.


She is skilled in providing a highly professional, and strictly confidential coaching service, that supports clients in achieving their goals and objectives. She will listen to, support, guide and challenge clients to achieve rapid breakthroughs and progress towards their ultimate outcomes. Lucy has strong business acumen, significant experience in business development and is highly intuitive.

As a health coach Lucy is particularly interested in seeking an understanding of root causes, and in her clients’ addressing their mental and emotional needs, as well as physical factors, to seek to prevent recurrence. She is keen to coach her clients on other areas of their life, so that their current state of health isn't holding them back. She is highly intuitive and empathic. 


Lucy also offers her health coaching clients access to therapies that she has practiced as a complementary therapist, for more than 20 years. This is subject to the need being indicated and to further discussion. She is a full member of The British Register of Complementary Practitioners (Energy Medical Dowsing), a Practitioner Member of UK Reiki Federation and a Member of the Guild of Spiritual Workers.


Happy Clients


"I don't think I realised how big an impact..coaching would have on my life. Since starting I am more productive, more focused and healthier....Within a couple of months I designed a new logo for my business, updated my products, set up an e-commerce website and started to exercise regularly. Even though I physically accomplished the goals set, Lucy mentally helped me achieve them through the sessions. She really helped me focus on exactly what I wanted and plan how to achieve it."


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“Creativity is intelligence having fun.....

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal,

not to people or things.”
― Albert Einstein ―


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